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Our Mission

I believe that teaching yoga is one of the most fulfilling and purposeful vocations one can pursue. Nothing feels better than building a heart-to-heart relationship with a student and growing together over time with a shared love for the practice. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone practiced yoga and Iā€™m extremely passionate about educating high quality yoga teachers and finding innovative ways to spread the teachings of yoga far and wide. These online courses are part of this collective effort...


This Course

This particular course titled "Yoga Therapy Foundations, Practice and Public Health" is the cornerstone of our Level 1 Foundations of Yoga Therapy Training and is part of our 850-hour IAYT accredited Yoga Therapist Training.

I am most proud of this course, as it combines my Masters Degree in Public Health with decades of Yoga Therapy philosophy and practice. I LOVE teaching this 13-month course at our studio Be The Change Yoga and it was THIS course that inspired me to start cataloguing my brain into these online courses, as I had many students from out of state wishing to take this course but unable to attend in person.

This course provide broad strokes yoga therapy methodology for many common conditions. This course is comprised of 10 singular modules; which can be purchased individually or collectively in this comprehensive course.

Yoga Therapy + Public Health Tools Course Description

This course explores the various factors that influence health at the macro-level using a public health lens, while at the same time, exploring the inner world of the human being using Yoga models to identify and treat imbalances.

Class lectures provide an introduction to the primary yoga therapy assessment models based upon the teachings of the Yoga Sutras and the lineage of T. Krishnamacharya. You will learn how to use these models to assess client imbalances, identify contraindications and implement appropriate tools based on client assessments. You will learn broad strokes yoga therapy practices for conditions that include: low back ailments, heart disease, respiratory / energetic imbalances, addiction, obesity / digestive ailments and relationship issues.

In addition, the public health perspective examines why current interventions have been ineffective at curbing the chronic disease epidemic with the majority of Americans dying from heart disease, smoking, cancer, diabetes and obesity related illnesses that can largely be prevented with changes in diet, lifestyle and stress management.

After understanding current disease trends and behavioral risk factors, we seek to remedy these conditions with the myriad of tools and practices that yoga has to offer. In fact, Yoga addresses the underlying causes of chronic conditions and provides a time-tested holistic healing system with the sole purpose of creating a clear, stable, rational mind that will make good choices. Thus Yoga provides the sound methodology that our current public health educators lack to empower the individual with tools to change and sustain positive health behaviors.

In addition, this course weaves in an invaluable public health perspective to empower yoga therapists with language to advocate for yoga therapy services within health systems. Trainees will gain knowledge of the risk factors that influence health behaviors and how yoga therapy intervention programs can be applied to improve health outcomes for specific conditions. Trainees will also learn how to develop, implement and evaluate group yoga therapy programs for specific populations or health conditions.

Course Topics

  • Module 1: Philosophical Foundations of Yoga Therapy
  • Module 2: Yoga: A Path to Alleviate Suffering
  • Module 3: The Human Condition from a Public Health Perspective
  • Module 4: How Yoga Therapy Works + Assessment Models
  • Module 5: Yoga Therapy Programs for Vulnerable Populations and the Pathology of Poverty
  • Module 6: Yoga Therapy for the Spine: physical imbalances (strained low back muscles, herniated discs, sciatica)
  • Module 7: Yoga Therapy for the Abdomen, Digestion and Obesity: physical / mental / emotional / energetic factors and treatment tools
  • Module 8: Yoga Therapy for the Lungs: physical / mental / emotional imbalances
  • Module 9: Yoga Therapy for the Heart: physical / mental / emotional imbalances and Relationship Tools
  • Module 10: Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression: physical / mental / emotional / energetic factors

Your Instructor

Katie Allen
Katie Allen

Katie Allen, MPH, C-IAYT co-founded Be The Change Yoga, a studio and Center for Higher Education in Orange County, CA. The studio is deeply rooted in the philosophical foundations of yoga and understanding of yoga as a therapeutic modality. The studio offers Orange County's only Yoga Therapist Training program.

Katie is the Founder and School Director of AlcheMe Yoga Therapy; a yoga therapy company that offers professional training, comprehensive clinical programs, research and outreach initiatives. She received her Masters in Public Health from Tulane University and wrote her thesis on Yoga's ability to prevent and treat chronic disease. She has built successful community-based relationships with hospitals, health systems and clinics to integrate yoga therapy services into their offerings.

She has presented at SYTAR on 'How to develop and market comprehensive yoga therapy programs within clinical settings using a public health perspective' and 'Yoga Therapy as a Health Promotion Strategy for Underserved Communities'.

Katie is also passionate about bringing yoga to under-served communities and has implemented and directs yoga therapy programs at Hoag Hospital, Serve The People Clinic and Korean Community Services Clinic. She's currently building out a Yoga Promotores Program to train Spanish-speaking students to become yoga teachers to spread healthy living practices throughout various community organizations.

To learn more visit: http://kateallenyoga.com/

Courses Included with Purchase

Philosophical Foundations of Yoga Therapy
The Human Condition from a Yoga Perspective
Katie Allen
Intro to Yoga Philosophy: How to Alleviate Suffering
Putting the 8-Limbs of Yoga into Action!
Katie Allen
The Human Condition from a Public Health Perspective
Understanding the Chronic Disease Epidemic Through the Lens of Yoga
Katie Allen
How Yoga Therapy Works + Assessment Models
The Methodology Behind Yoga Therapy + The Panchamaya Kosha Model
Katie Allen
Developing YT Programs for Vulnerable Populations and Finding Your Dharma
Katie Allen
Yoga Therapy Applications for the Spine
Addressing Physical / Mental / Emotional Imbalances
Katie Allen
Yoga Therapy Applications for the Abdomen, Digestion and Obesity
Addressing Physical / Mental / Emotional Imbalances
Kate Allen
Yoga Therapy for the Lungs: Physical / Mental / Emotional Imbalances
Addressing Physical / Mental / Emotional Imbalances
Katie Allen
Yoga Therapy for the Heart and Improving Relationships
Addressing Physical / Mental / Emotional Imbalances
Katie Allen
Yoga Therapy for Anxiety and Depression
Assessment, Tools and Plan Development
Katie Allen

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